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Department of Pathology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Mercedes Cabrera Jarana 01223 (7) 65666 Flow Cytometry Technician
Silvia Caprari 33721 Research Assistant
Sam Carling MPhil Student
Marco Carotenuto Facilities Manager
Jason Carroll 01223 769649 Associate Lecturer
Daniela Carter-Lopez PhD Student
Joana Cerveira 01223 (7) 62610 / 01223 (7) 65666 Flow Cytometry Manager
Soura Chakraborty PhD Student
Sarah Chapman 33732 PhD Student
Jack Chapman PhD Student
Rashmikaben Chauhan Canteen Assistant
Yuwen Chen 33335 PhD Student
Dr Zi Chen No Ext in Office/Lab Research Associate
Antonio Choi Chiu PhD Student
June Chong 33335 PhD Student
Jackson Choy 33710 Senior Teaching Laboratory Technician
Patrick Chan 33710 / 65662 Junior Lab Technician
Dr Betty Chung Medical Research Council Fellow, Assistant Professor, Division of Microbiology and Parasitology
Venus Chung-Wing General Catering Assistant
Shona Clelland Visiting Student
Melvin Cole 01223 (7)66689 01223 (3)33699 Senior Building Services Supervisor
Professor Nick Coleman (01223 7) 66422 Professor of Molecular Pathology, Head of the Division of Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Dr Dami Collier Clinical Lecturer in Medical Virology
Alberto Conti Negrin 33738 PhD Student
Dr Andrew Conway Morris 01223 274382 MRC Clinician Scientist, Honorary Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine
Emma Cousins 66145 / 33733 Research Assistant
Fiona Craig 33693 Departmental Administrator and General Manager
Dr Holly Craven 33339 Research Associate
Professor Colin Crump +44 (0)1223 763423 Professor of Molecular Virology, Division of Virology