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Department of Pathology Virtual Escape Rooms Activity

Welcome to our virtual escape room – in order to complete the challenge, you need to complete at least 3 activities in 45 minutes.  

There is a downloadable certificate which you can complete when you have finished the challenge.

We hope that you enjoy the challenges and perhaps you may learn something as you complete them.  Perhaps they will raise lots of questions in your mind – if they do then that is really good because asking questions is the basis of all science!

We have indicated approximate age levels for activities but these are simply a guideline and anyone can both try and enjoy any activity.  Some of the on-line formats are a little bit grumpy (but still useable) in Firefox but work well in both Edge and Chrome.

You will need a pen, paper and may also want colouring pens/pencils/crayons depending on your activity choices.  The blood cell colouring sheets would need printing for colouring.  You may find it easier to print the anagram sheets but you could work off the screen for these.

These activities have been designed by members of the department and reflect our interests and research and we are delighted to share our love of our subject with you.

If you are an educator then please feel free to download and reuse any of the pdf resources which are tagged “free educational resource” in the footer.

We hope to see you all in person at a future festival,

The Department of Pathology Public Engagement committee

Set your timer and away you go!

Virus vs host game - an on-line game about how viruses and their hosts interact together from the Boyle lab.

Germ Hide and Seek game - an on-line game about our immune system from the Boyle lab.

Memory Game - an on-line game testing your memory using cuddly bugs (Giant Microbes TM).  This opens in a new window and sometimes is unhappy in Firefox.

Infection and immunity Anagram Sheets - how many words can you make in each case and can you solve the entire anagram.

White blood cell colouring activity - printable sheet for colouring

Viruses and antibodies - activity learning about viruses and antibodies ending with a colouring activity.

Family Quiz 1 - a challenge for all the family to try together.


Learn about your genetic code - a fun video based activity from Dr Rachel Dobson.


Detective challenge Guinea worm - can you work through the clues and solve a real-life problem which faced our scientists.  This is less happy in Firefox.

Family Quiz number 2 - slightly more tricky family quiz challenge

Lab Life - have you ever wondered exactly what happens in a research lab?  Have a look and find out!

Get your Certificate here.