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Department of Pathology


The Department of Pathology has an excellent reputation in biological and biomedical research and you would be working alongside renowned Research Group Leaders in this large and vibrant Department.

The Department supervises the research training of between twenty and twenty-five new PhD students every year, about a third of whom are supported through studentships funded from the Research Councils, major charities or internal endowments.

Information on our MPhil and PhD courses can be found on the Postgraduate Admissions website.

Why Study in the Department of Pathology?


  • You will become a member of an active research laboratory
  • Provides you with a solid foundation of laboratory and analytical skills
  • Plan and execute your own original piece of biomedical research
  • Develop the ability to critically appraise scientific literature
  • Cultivate your intellectual abilities and gain transferable skills
  • Prepares you for a wide range of future career opportunities 


  • Equip you with a wide range of skills and knowledge
  • Receive training in research and the ability to conduct independent research
  • Plan, execute and evaluate an original investigative piece of work through a major dissertation
  • Develop the ability to critically appraise scientific literature and to present research data at conferences and seminars.
  • You will cultivate your intellectual skills and develop transferable skills
  • By the end of the programme, you will have acquired excellent skills, experience and knowledge to undertake postdoctoral work (research, teaching or both) or another related profession outside the University.


"The Department of Pathology is unique in that it’s home to such a variety of research themes. As a postgraduate student, I appreciate this exposure. Not only does this promote the opportunity to broaden one’s own interests but practically it provides the chance to expand one’s breadth of knowledge, repertoire of techniques and application of ideas."

Stephen Ducray, Turner Lab

"The Department of Pathology is a friendly and engaging community, making it a fantastic place to work and study!"         

Anna Yakovleva, Goodfellow Lab

“The Department of Pathology has a number of groups working across diverse areas of interest, comprising Immunology, Microbiology, Virology and Cellular and Molecular Pathology. This allows for effective and useful collaborations, both formal and informal, and a good mix of skills that we can all tap into."

Dr Shivani Bailey, Coleman Lab

“As a PhD student here I've enjoyed the friendly and inclusive graduate community, including the chance to discuss our research over pizza and drinks."

Ben Trigg, Ferguson Lab

"A highlight is the student-run graduate seminars. These seminars expose us to some of the great and varied PhD projects in the department, in a relaxed fashion. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and get some feedback while devouring pizza!"

Ala Alenazi, Watson Lab


Students enjoying one of our Postgraduate Seminar Series sessions which involve talks from fellow students or other speakers and include free food and drink.

See also the University of Cambridge Graduate Union, who publish the Postgraduate Handbook and the Alternative Prospectus.

For any enquiries please contact

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Department of Pathology
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