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The MPhil in Biological Sciences by Advanced Study is a full-time programme offering students the opportunity to undertake a period of study and lab-based research in an area of scientific importance and interest. 


Here at Pathology, we offer the Infection Biology and Molecular Immunology pathway.

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically illustrated how understanding the biology of infectious agents and the host immune system is fundamental to human health and prosperity. Our knowledge of infection and immunity is increasing rapidly, opening opportunities for new therapies, new vaccines, and a better understanding of disease emergence that will help safeguard human health and food security in the 21st century. The Infection Biology & Molecular Immunology MPhil is specifically targeted at providing advanced training in the experimental skills and theoretical concepts that underpin modern infection biology and molecular immunology research. 

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More about this new multi-pathway master’s course

At the heart of this new programme is a commitment to allow more students to experience the excitement of scientific research in one of the world’s leading research universities. We aim to bring together motivated students with different experiences, bridging the gap between less research-intensive undergraduate degrees and further postgraduate education. A year of an in-depth research study in a supportive environment combines more specialised teaching with professional skills training. At the end of the Master’s course, students will be fully equipped for various careers, including advanced research in industry or to apply to any competitive doctoral programme.

This new multi-pathway master’s course is now open for applications. If you have any queries, please contact the MPhil Coordinator, Anita Kovacs.

To explore the other pathways, visit the School of Biological Sciences overview.