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Department of Pathology


Our epifluorescent, inverted microscope that enables automated imaging to occur at several distinct positions (e.g. different wells/different conditions), with phase contrast and multi-channel fluorescence.

This microscope performs epifluorescence (also known as wide-field), rather than confocal fluorescence microscopy. (In epifluorescence microscopy, the entire specimen is flooded with light allowing visualisation of the entire depth of the sample. Confocal microscopes (such as the LSM700 and LSM780) use point illumination and a pinhole to eliminate out-of-focus signal and provide you with a thinner focal plane.)

This microscope is great for imaging immunohistochemistry samples, and also for imaging living cells in culture over extended time periods. The software allows one to image several distinct coordinates (e.g. different wells) at set time periods (e.g. every 30 minutes) on cells in culture. The temperature, CO2 and humidity controlled chamber enables live cell experiments to be performed over extended time periods, e.g. viral plaque formation assays, scratch assays etc. It is equipped with low-light digital image capture and is fully automated.


*** Containment Level 2 compatible ***