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How to Apply

If you wish to apply for a Pathology course, you need to:

  1. Complete the Pathology Application Form by Friday 20th May 2022. It is very important that you complete our Application Form in addition to applying for the course through the NST Part II Allocation online form. This is because our own Form allows us to see the balance of applications by options so that we can determine whether an option is under– or over–subscribed.  Application forms can be downloaded (see link above) or collected from the Teaching Secretary, Department of Pathology (1st floor).

The number of places on offer may vary, but it is usually about 50 in NST Part II Single-Subject Pathology. If you are applying for this course, the first choice option is that in which you will carry out your research project. In rare circumstances we cannot offer as many projects as there are applicants for an option, due to lack of supervisors or space. Under these circumstances you may be offered a project in your second choice option.

More places within Pathology are available within the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) Part II course (~25 places) although there may be minimal and maximal number restrictions. These will be noted on the Part II Application Form.


Option Organiser Contact Details: