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Members of the Boemo Research Group

Our Research

Each time a cell divides, it relies on critical systems to copy the genome and distribute these copies to daughter cells. Failure of these systems to operate correctly can result in cell death or genome instability. We are interested in developing new computational methods and software to study how these cell cycle mechanisms are designed and regulated. Understanding where, when, and why errors arise allow us to better understand how cells become cancerous, and it also puts us in a better position to purposely induce these errors to selectively target cancer cells and pathogens. Our research lies at the interface of biology, mathematics, and computer science and we employ methods from machine learning, software verification, bioinformatics, and computational modelling.

Our Current Projects include

DNAScent - Algorithms that detect replication fork movement in single molecules

Cancer Diganostics - Deep learning algorithms that debug cancer cells

Simulation and Verification - Programming languages that make simulations safe, fast, and easy

Key Publications

Boemo, M.A.†, Cardelli, L., Nieduszynski, C.A. (2020) The Beacon Calculus: A formal method for the flexible and concise modelling of biological systems. PLoS Computational Biology 16:e1007651. [bioRxiv[DOI:​10.1371/journal.pcbi.1007651]

Mueller, C.A.*, Boemo, M.A.*, Spingardi, P., Kessler, B. Kriaucionis, S. Simpson, J.T., Nieduszynski, C.A.† (2019) Capturing the dynamics of genome replication on individual ultra-long nanopore sequencing reads.  Nature Methods 16:429-436. [bioRxiv][DOI:10.1038/s41592-019-0394-y]


Dr Michael Boemo

Principal Investigator


Sarah Chapman

PhD Student

Dr Francisco Berkemeier

Research Associate

Dr Nishanthi Gangadharan

Research Associate