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This course is a 'Major' subject within the BBS and is based on the NST Part II Pathology course.

Students choose lectures from four of the eight modules available (note that a combination of (D) and (H) must be taken together) – (A) Genetics and Genomics of Disease, (B) Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Disease, (C) Host-Pathogen Interactions, (D) Immunology I, (E) Cancer Biology, (F) Infectious Disease: a one health perspective, (G) Virology, (H) Immunology II. However, instead of a research project, students must take an additional 'Minor' subject within the BBS and must also undertake a dissertation of up to 6,000 words offered either within the 'Major' or 'Minor' subjects.

Thus NST Part II BBS Major Subject Pathology may appeal to those students who wish to study on our established Pathology course, but who do not wish to carry out a laboratory-based research project.

It is important to check that the lecture times of your 'Major' subject options do not clash with your chosen 'Minor' subject from NST Part II BBS.


As for NST Part II Pathology, there is no requirement that students should have previously studied Pathology at IB. Indeed, any Part I subject or subjects which provide an understanding of molecular biology would offer the basis for entry to our Part II course. However, we recommend that students who lack a basic understanding of molecular and cellular biology carry out some remedial reading in the long vacation period.