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Department of Pathology


UndergraduatesTeaching in the Pathology Department is carried out by the 10 Professors, some 40 lecturers and associate lecturers and a number of invited specialists. The research interests of the Department are very broad, extending through immunology, virology, microbial pathogenicity, the biology of parasitic infestation to genomic analysis and cancer.

The Department provides teaching in all three years of the undergraduate curriculum both for the Natural Sciences Tripos (NST) and the pre-clinical courses in the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos (MVST). It also provides teaching in a fourth year Graduate Clinical course in Medicine.

The content of these courses are outlined below. Details of the courses and adjunct material, e.g. timetables, lectures notes and practical class material held on the Departmental Teaching Web Server.

In the first year, Part IA, of the Natural Sciences Tripos students study three experimental subjects and one mathematical subject. Find out more on the Part IA website.