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Please note that the answers below relate only to the fully funded studentship projects within the Department of Pathology, and are not relevant to those applying for a standard PhD.

I’m not eligible for Home fees – can I still apply?

Unfortunately the studentships are only available for students who are eligible for Home fees. Due to the way the funding works, it is not possible for Overseas or EU students to apply for the studentships and pay the difference themselves.

I’m not eligible for the studentship – can I still apply for a PhD at Cambridge?

Yes! The studentships make up a small portion of the PhD students in the Department. Find a suitable supervisor and contact them to check whether they are taking PhD students, and that your research interests align. You can then apply via the applicant portal (students taking this route would need to find their own funding source).

What happens if my referee doesn’t submit a reference by the deadline?

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all documents, including the references, have been submitted by the deadline. If you think one of your references may miss the deadline please email to let us know.

Can I defer a year?

Deferral of studentships would only be granted in exceptional cases, e.g caring responsibilities or medical reasons. Deferral would not be granted for a student to take a year out.

Can I apply for more than one studentship?

Yes. Students may select up to three studentships to apply for.

Do I need to fill in all the sections on the application form?

Yes. Even though you are applying for a specific project, all boxes including ‘research interests’ and ‘research experience’ must be completed.

Can I take the language test after the application deadline?

Ideally students would have taken the test and have the results by the deadline. However, we understand that in some areas there is a long waiting time for the test. All students must have the language test booked by the deadline and an offer will not be made to any student who has not taken the test.