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Department of Pathology

Analyser Training


All analysers are user-operated but users require at least one training session before they can be used independently. Training sessions should be requested on PPMS.

We normally schedule a 2h-long session on the instrument where we go through some of the theory of flow cytometry, how to prepare the instrument and setup an experiment, compensation if required, and cleaning and shutdown. Training sessions can be 1-to-1 or in small groups (maximum 3-4 users). 

Cell Sorters

The MoFlo Astrios is exclusively operated by the facility staff but users can learn how to sort independently on the Arias after training with the facility staff. 

The cell sorter training is more comprehensive than the analysers training and users are requested to attend a theory seminar and at least one practice session on the sorter without samples.   

The cell sorting training programme is targetted to high-end flow cytometry users and/or to users that require access to the instrument after core-hours. 

Training sessions on the Arias can be requested on PPMS.