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Our Research

Use of T-cells as a diagnostic tool in benign and malignant disease; digital image analysis; Assessment of the efficiency of diagnostic tools through large cohorts (UK Biobank).


  • Dr Anna Fowler, Lecturer, Liverpool University
  • Dr Bill Day, Roche Ventana, Tucson, Arizona, US
  • Dr Carola Schönlieb, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Graham Ogg, University of Oxford
  • Professor Paul Klenerman, University of Oxford
  • Dr Tom Littlejohns, Prof Naomi Allen, UK Biobank, University of Oxford
  • Dr Gerald Langman and Ms Hollie Bancroft, Heart of England NHS Foundation Hospital Trust/ Birmingham University
  • Dr Richard Colling, University of Oxford
  • Dr Angela Hamblin, University of Oxford
  • Dr Joy Archer, Cambridge University Veterinary School
  • Dr Kate Hughes, Cambridge University Veterinary School
  • Dr Jamie Blundell, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Dan Hodson, University of Cambridge

Activities beyond research:

  • Teaching Fellow and Preclinical Director of Studies, Churchill College, Cambridge
  • University Lecturer for undergraduate (2nd/ 3rd year) and clinical (4th - 6th year) pathology
  • Honorary Consultant Pathologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (haematopathology, molecular pathology & autopsy pathology)
  • Honorary Associate Professor, University of Oxford
  • External examiner for iBSc in Pathology, Queen Mary, University of London
  • External examiner for University of Manchester MSc in Molecular Pathology
  • Royal College of Pathologists Examiner
  • Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland Committee Member
  • Editor, Diagnostics


Key publications: 

Publications on Pubmed (a small number are not indexed here)

Publications on Google Scholar


Dr Elizabeth Soilleux

Principal Investigator


Shelley Evans

Research Assistant

Emilia Murray

Research Assistant

Kim Ngan Luu Hoang

PhD Student

Saad Shoukatt

PhD Student

Benjamin Schreiber

PhD Student

Dr Florian Jaeckle

Research Associate