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Transferable skills within Pathology courses in the Natural Sciences and Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos



Intellectual skills:

Practical classes
Problem solving exercises
Research projects
Discussion groups

Supervisions (reasoning, argument, critical analysis and discussion)
Set essays
Academic Societies

Problem Solving Skills:

Practical classes
Problem solving exercises


Communication skills; oral, written and non-verbal (developing arguments using symbolic or mathematical language):

Listening in lectures
Representation on Committees 
Discussions of practical classes
Problem solving exercises
Presentation of projects and papers
Research project or dissertation write-ups

Supervisions (oral and written) Discussion and debate with peers Extracurricular activities

Organisational skills:

Timetable management (balancing work and extra-curricular activities)
Representation on Committees (leadership)
Practical work (planning, teamwork, task management)
Project or dissertation (planning, deadlines, teamwork)
Examinations (planning, preparation)
Arranging vacation work experience

Timetable management (balancing work and extra-curricular activities)

Interpersonal skills

Practical work (team-working, negotiation of roles, flexibility, adaptability)
Discussions with members of staff and research lab team members
Problem solving exercises and other group activities

Interact with a wide range of people Community and support for others Positions of responsibility (clubs and other activities)


Research Skills; design and execution   of experiments, use of sources, data management and interpretation, critical analysis and thesis construction

Practical work – specialist techniques, designing, planning and conducting experiments
Use of study room and on-line resources to follow reading lists and supplement lectures
Problem solving exercises
Critical evaluation of the literature  



Data handling in practical classes, projects and classes


Computer literacy

Moodle resources
On-line course materials
Search scientific databases
Search on-line library resources
Use of search engines and web browsers
Use of word-, imaging- and data- processing software

Internet access

Foreign language skills

University language centre is available for extra-curricular use