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Does the Department of Pathology offer taught courses?

Yes, the Department offers the MPhil in Biological Sciences. 



Does the Department offer professional medical education?

No, the Department only offers research and taught courses.



Which degrees does the Department offer and how do they differ?

The Department offers a one-year MPhil. the MPhil in Biological Sciences, the two-year MSc and the three-year PhD. These are all research degrees and are not taught courses. Most of the applications received are for the MPhil or PhD degrees since most research studentship grants are for one or three years duration. However, some supervisors will consider taking an MSc student and it is also possible to upgrade an MSc to a PhD under certain circumstances.



What about financial support?

There is a variety of financial support available. Find out more about this on the Application Routes and Funding page



How do I apply?

Apply online using the Applicant Portal or apply on paper.



How often will I meet with my supervisor?

Supervision will vary from student to student in accordance with student need and with the academic requirements of the project. However, all students can expect to interact with a member of their supervision team on a daily-to-weekly basis. Students can expect to receive direct guidance from their academic supervisor on at least a monthly basis, with more frequent guidance if required.