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Postgraduate Admissions in the Department of Pathology


You will need to apply online using the University’s Applicant Portal. 


If you are applying for admission in Michaelmas Term 2024, Lent, or Easter Term 2025, you will need to pay an application fee of £50 before you can submit your application unless you are applying for a Doctorate. 


An application is only complete when all supporting documents, including the two academic references, are submitted. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure their referees submit their references before the closing date.


Full instructions on how to apply online can be found in the Course Directory and the Postgraduate Admissions website.


Unless applying for a Departmental studentship, students must identify a supervisor who will support their application prior to applying

Please see the Research Group Leaders page for a list of research supervisors. 


The online application is required if you:

  • wish to apply for University-wide funding competitions (e.g., Gates, Cambridge Overseas & Commonwealth Trusts, Cambridge Home and EU Scholarships, etc.) – N.B. these funding competitions all have very early deadlines 
  • wish to apply for a specific studentship advertised by the Department of Pathology
  • wish to apply for a College studentship
  • have an external scholarship (e.g., from your home country)
  • have your own funding.




Before submitting an application, please consider the following points:


Are you eligible to apply for admission to our programmes?

Competition for admission to the University of Cambridge postgraduate programme is intense. Like all departments in the Postgraduate School, we require all our postgraduate entrants to have the following:

  • at least a good 2.1 in an Honours degree or equivalent in a relevant subject
  • in some circumstances, an MSc plus an Honours degree 2.2 class will be a satisfactory qualification
  • two outstanding references from senior University staff at your most recent University
  • fluency in the English language – recent IELTS test with an overall band score of at least 7.0 with not less than 7.0 in speaking, listening and writing, and 6.5 in reading. You must have met the Language Requirement before you can be interviewed. 

For more details on the University’s academic requirements, see the University’s Postgraduate Admissions.



Which qualification do you want to apply for?

  • MPhil BLPAM1 (full-time only)
  • MPhil IBaMI 
  • PhD BLPA22 (full-time or part-time)



What topic do you want to study, and with whom do you want to work? (MPhils or PhD)

The first question requires you to choose a course – for research applicants, this means specifying which department or institute in which you wish to work.

To choose a department, you need to identify a topic and one or more supervisors in that department with whom you wish to work.

If you have not already decided, you should:

  • Browse our PIs and visit their personal/group web pages to check the details of their research.
  • If there is a possible vacancy, you can explore the possibility that your plans are of interest to them – get in contact with them.
  • If you are interested in more than one supervisor within THIS department, you can name them as the first and second choice in your application, but if you want to apply to supervisors in different departments, you will have to make separate applications (one to each department).



Applying for 4-year Programmes

Examples: The Department participates in the 4-year PhD Programmes offered by the BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership, the Wellcome Trust Programme in Infection & Immunity and the Wellcome Trust/MRC Programme in Stem Cell Biology.

  • Refer to the programme for details of the studentship, eligibility criteria, deadlines and how to apply.
  • If you are successful, you will then be required to apply for admission to the University using the online Applicant Portal.
  • You will not be able to take up the award unless you are also successful in securing admission to the University.





For any enquiries please contact

Teaching Office
Department of Pathology
University of Cambridge
Tennis Court Road
Cambridge CB2 1QP