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Department of Pathology


Omar is an MPhil student at the Liston-Dooley Lab, collaborating with Okkenhaug Lab.

He aims to use novel CRISPR screens to characterise retention mechanisms used by regulatory T cells in solid tumours.

Before this, Omar worked on Bladder and pancreatic cancer immunology projects at UCL and the University of Oxford, respectively. His interest in cancer immunology arose at the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, Honours in Immunology. His bachelor's dissertation characterised genetic insertions into V(D)J antibody sequences using genomics and bioinformatics. 

Aside from his academic focus, Omar is passionate about the biotech start-up ecosystem. He's currently the National Lead of VC/Investor Partnerships at Nucleate and a VC scout at Aila Biotechnologies.

MPhil Student
Liston-Dooley Group
Okkenhaug Group

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