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Kattria van der Ploeg MSc

Kattria van der Ploeg, MSc

PhD Student

Immunology; Natural Killer Cells

Virology; Human Cytomegalovirus

Office Phone: 33921

Research Interests

One focus of our lab is to study the interaction of Natural Killer (NK) cell receptors with different MHC class I molecules. NK cells are regulated by a large repertoire of germline-encoded inhibitory and activating receptors. The function of most inhibitory receptors is well-defined. Inhibitory Killer Immunoglobin-like receptors (KIRs; KIR2DL1-3, KIR2DL5, KIR3DL1-3) are inhibitory receptors that recognize certain allotypes of HLA class I. However, the specific ligand and consequently the function of activating receptors remain mostly unknown, in particular activating KIRs (KIR2DS1-5, KIR3DS1). Our work explores possible ligands for KIR2DS1, -S2, -S4 and -S5 using human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) as an infection model.

Research Supervision

The project is supervised by Prof. John Trowsdale and is in collaboration with Dr. Mark Wills at the Department of Medicine.