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Viruses continue to pose a serious threat to human health and considerable worldwide efforts are being focused on understanding the molecular biology of viruses and the mechanisms by which they cause disease. Staff and students in the Division of Virology pursue a wide range of research interests concerning diverse viruses. The topics of research include virus structural biology, genome replication, gene expression, translational mechanisms, assembly and egress, pathogenesis, immune evasion, comparative genomics, virus evolution and antiviral resistance. Viruses currently being investigated include a wide range of positive strand RNA viruses (e.g caliciviruses, coronaviruses, and arteriviruses), influenza A virus, ebolavirus, poxviruses, herpesviruses, papillomaviruses, and polyomaviruses. There are also extensive collaborations with virologists in the Department of Medicine and the Cambridge Veterinary School.

People specializing in this area


Professor Ian Brierley

Translational control of virus gene expression.

RNA structure and function.

Dr Colin Crump

Virus assembly and egress

Dr Stephen Graham

Molecular mechanisms of membrane trafficking and viral infection