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Department of Pathology


Recently appointed a University Teaching Officer, Dr Boemo shares his experience and work here at Pathology:

"My background is in mathematics and computer science, but I have always worked in and around biology laboratories since I started university.

Originally from the United States, I completed a BA in mathematics at Rutgers University while working in Professor Shridar Ganesan’s DNA repair laboratory at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. I then moved to the United Kingdom to complete my PhD in bionanotechnology at the University of Oxford where I was supervised by Professor Andrew Turberfield (Oxford Physics) and Professor Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research).

Keen to return to genome stability, I stayed at the University of Oxford to do a postdoc at the Dunn School of Pathology in DNA replication at which time I also held the Emanoel Lee Junior Research Fellowship in Medical Sciences at St. Cross College. In 2019, I moved to the Cambridge Department of Pathology to start my lab as a departmentally-funded Early Career Fellow.

Our research in designing AI software and simulation methods to study genome replication and repair in cancer cells and parasites. I have recently become the Assistant Professor of AI and Disease with dual affiliation to the Department of Pathology and Department of Genetics and I am a fellow of St. John’s College where I am Sub-Director of Studies in Mathematics for Biological Natural Sciences.

The Departments of Pathology and Genetics have been very supportive places to work with scientists and clinician-scientists working on a broad range of topics that really make a difference to patients. I am grateful and excited to continue being a part of that while using this role to expand our AI and genomics teaching at a time when both of these fields are undergoing a revolution."


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