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Department of Pathology


Department of Pathology PhD Student Alberto Conti Wins Prestigious CSAR Prize for Groundbreaking Cancer Immunotherapy Research

Alberto Conti, a PhD student in Prof Rahul Roychoudhuri's laboratory in the Division of Immunology, has been awarded a prestigious Cambridge Society for the Application of Research (CSAR) prize for his groundbreaking research on improving the efficacy of cell therapies for cancer patients.

Building upon prior laboratory research, Alberto's research revealed the molecular programme that underpins the maintenance of T cell responses by stem cell-like memory T cells. Alberto's research pioneers novel strategies to genetically fine-tune the expression of transcriptional regulators of the stem/memory T cell state to drive the maintenance of CAR T cell therapy responses and show promising results in pre-clinical mouse models. 

Alberto commented on the award, "I am deeply honoured to receive this recognition from CSAR. CAR T cell therapy has revolutionised the treatment of haematological malignancies. Still, key barriers, including impaired maintenance of transferred cells, exist in extending the scope of CAR T cell therapy to solid cancers, which account for 90% of all cancers. My research aims to overcome the current limitations of T cell therapies in treating solid cancers."

Prof Rahul Roychoudhuri said of the award, "I am thrilled that Alberto's ingenuity and hard work have been recognised with this prestigious award. I believe the technology he has developed has very significant translational potential as we try to bring CAR T cell therapy to benefit patients with solid cancers."

Alberto's work formed the basis for translational funding by the Wellcome Developing Concept Fund and BBSRC Follow-on Fund. Working with Alexander Evans and Rahul Roychoudhuri within the laboratory, he hopes to establish a University spinout company that aims to improve the efficacy of T cell therapies for solid cancer patients.


The Department of Pathology supports cutting-edge research that translates into real-world impact. Alberto's CSAR prize is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation and advancing medical science to benefit patients.

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