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Department of Pathology


An awarded MRC equipment grant together with funds from the School of Biological Sciences has purchased our first imaging-enabled full spectral cell sorter. 

The BD FACSDiscover S8 enables cells not only to be sorted based on the proteins they express and their emitted fluorescence but also based on where in the cell those proteins are expressed.

This opens up the exciting possibility of sorting cells based on immediate responses to cell stimuli (such as a transcription factor translocating from the cytosol to the nucleus). The equipment also allows the differentiation of cells that express the same cell markers, but that are morphologically distinct.

More information about the FACSDiscover S8 and how to book it is available here. There, you can also check out the first tests done by the facility.

The staff from the facility would like to thank the users from the School who prepared samples to test the FACSDiscover S8.