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Department of Pathology



Caroline is the Academic Director for Cambridge-Africa. She is a Principal Research Associate in Epidemiology at the University of Cambridge and an honorary epidemiologist at Public Health England. Her research examines the potential and actual impact of immunisation using a range of methods from classic epidemiology to mathematical modelling and health economics. Her work has been used to inform national and, as a consultant to the World Health Organisation, international vaccine policy. Much of Caroline's research is focussed on meningococcal disease and carriage in the UK and Africa, working with African partners, including the African Meningococcal Carriage Consortium (MenAfriCar). She has been involved in a range of projects in the African meningitis belt, both to quantify the impact of MenAfriVac (an affordable group A meningococcal conjugate vaccine), and to investigate both short (epidemic response) and long-term (preventive vaccination) options for the control of epidemic meningitis. She also has current projects on the impact of vaccination against group B streptococcus and rabies.




Key publications: 

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