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Dr Ben Skinner

Dr Ben Skinner

Research Associate

Evolutionary genetics

Nuclear organisation

Nuclear morphology

Office Phone: (3)33709


I'm a biologist interested in evolutionary genomics - how genomes and the chromosomes they contain change and rearrange over time. Currently I'm working in the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge. My research over recent years has aimed towards understanding patterns of genome organisation and evolution, and extending this to the functional consequences for normal and disease-related phenotypes.

I have worked on the sequencing of the pig sex chromosomes, and the identification of their structure, gene content and evolutionary history together with collaborators from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. An ongoing collaboration with Darren Griffin's avian genomics group, using whole-genome comparisons between species has identified conserved chromosomal blocks, and showed that certain breakpoints between these blocks are prone to reuse in evolution.

More recently, I've become interested in the phenotypic effects genomic changes have, especially with relevance to disease. These functional genomic studies include analysis of gene activity and DNA methylation across the genome, and the effect early life experiences can have on their interactions.