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Part II Booklist

Cancer & Genetic Diseases:

  1. Human Molecular Genetics; Strachan T. & Read, A. 4th edition, 2010.
    Taylor & Francis Inc. Garland Science.
    ISBN: 9780815341499. Paperback £49.00
  2. Principles of Medical Genetics; Gelehrter, T.D. & Collins, F.G. 2nd edition, 1998
    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Out of Print
    ISBN: 9780683034455. Paperback £23.95
  3. The Biology of Cancer; Weinberg, R.A., 2007
    ISBN 9780815340768. Paperback £52.00


No Booklist for Immunology.


  • Janeway’s Immunobiology: Murphy K.M., Travers, P., Walport, M.  8th  revised edition, 2011,
    Taylor & Francis Inc. Garland Science.
    ISBN 9780815342434. Paperback £48.00

We should stress that this is NOT an adequate text for the course, though it may help students prepare.

Microbiology and Parasitology:

  1. Introduction to Animal Parasitology  by J.D. Smyth.
    Cambridge University Press, 3rd revised ed. 1994.
    ISBN: 9780521428118. Paperback £60.00
  2. Bacterial Pathogenesis: A Molecular Approach by AA Salyers and others,
    American Society for Microbiology, 3rd ed. 2011
    ISBN: 9781555814182. Paperback £37.50.
  3. Mims’ Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease by Cedric Mims.
    Academic Press, 5th ed. 2000
    ISBN: 9780124982659. Paperback £44.99 Available as e-book
  4. Bacterial Disease Mechanisms by Michael Wilson,
    Rod McNab and Brian Henderson. Cambridge University Press, 2002.
    ISBN 9780521796897. Paperback £53.00
  5. 5. Protozoa and Human Disease by Mark F Wiser.
    Garland Science 2011
    ISBN: 9780815365006 Paperback £37.00

Suggested for background information:

Foundations of Parasitology, by Larry S Roberts and John Janovy, 8th ed. 2009.
ISBN: 9780071284585. Paperback £51.99


  1. Principles of Virology: Flint, S.J., Enquist, L.W. et al, 3rd edition, 2009.
    American Society of Microbiology
    ISBN 9781555814434. Paperback £110.00 (2 vols)
  2. Molecular Biology of the Cell; Alberts, Johnson et al, 5thedition, 2008
    Taylor & Francis Inc. Garland Publishing.
    ISBN 9780815341062. Paperback £62.00 Available as e-book

Dynamics of Infectious Diseases:

  1. Infectious Diseases of Humans: Dynamics and Control, 1992
    ISBN: 9780198540403. Paperback, £56.00
    Authors: Roy M. Anderson and Robert M. May. Publisher: Oxford University Press.
  2. Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals, 2007
    ISBN: 9780691116174. Hardcover, £59.00
    Authors:  Keeling & Rohani. Publisher:  Princeton University Press.
  3. An Introduction to Infectious Disease Modelling, 2010
    ISBN:  978-0-19-856576-5. Paperback, £36.99
    Authors:  Vynnycky & White. Publisher:  Oxford University Press