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Part II Booklist 2017-2018

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Cancer & Genetic Diseases

1.       Human Molecular Genetics; Strachan T. & Read, A. 4th edition, 2010.                                                                

          Taylor & Francis Inc. Garland Science.

          ISBN: 9780815341499. Paperback £50.99

2.       Genetics and Genomics in Medicine; Strachan T, Goodship J & Chinnery, P. 2014.

          Garland Science.

          ISBN 9780815344803. Paperback £62.99

3.       Principles of Medical Genetics; Gelehrter, T.D. & Collins, F.G. 2nd edition, 1998.

          Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Out of Print

          ISBN: 9780683034455. Paperback £23.95

4.      The Biology of Cancer; Weinberg, R.A., 2nd Edition, 2014.

         ISBN 9780815340768. Paperback £68.99



No Booklist for Immunology.


  • Janeway’s Immunobiology: Murphy K.M., Travers, P., Walport, M.  9th  revised edition, 2017, Taylor & Francis Inc. Garland Science.

       ISBN 9780815345053. Paperback £60.00

We should stress that this is NOT an adequate text for the course, though it may help students prepare.


Microbiology and Parasitology

1.      Introduction to Animal Parasitology by J.D. Smyth. Cambridge University Press, 3rd revised ed. 1994.

         ISBN: 9780521428118. Paperback £60.00

2.      Bacterial Pathogenesis: A Molecular Approach by AA Salyers and others, American Society for Microbiology, 3rd ed. 2010

         ISBN: 9781555814182. Paperback £60.99.

3.      Mims’ Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease by Cedric Mims. Academic Press, 6th ed. 2015

         ISBN: 9780123971883. Paperback £36.99 Available as e-book

4.      Bacterial Disease Mechanisms by Michael Wilson, Rod McNab and Brian Henderson. Cambridge University Press, 2010.

         ISBN 9780521796897. Paperback £72.00

5.      Protozoa and Human Disease by Mark F Wiser. Garland Science 2010                            

         ISBN: 9780815365006 Paperback £49.00


Suggested for background information: 

Foundations of Parasitology, by Larry S Roberts and John Janovy, 9th ed. 2013. McGraw-Hill.

ISBN: 9780071284585. Paperback £51.99



1.         Principles of Virology: Flint, S.J., Enquist, L.W. et al, 4th edition, 2014.

            American Society of Microbiology

            ISBN 9781555819330. Paperback £130.00 (2 vols)

2.         Molecular Biology of the Cell; Alberts, Johnson et al, 6th edition, 2014

           Taylor & Francis Inc. Garland Publishing.

            ISBN 9780815344643. Paperback £75.00 Available as e-book


Dynamics of Infectious Diseases:

1.         Infectious Diseases of Humans: Dynamics and Control, 1992

            ISBN: 9780198540403. Paperback, £56.00

            Authors: Roy M. Anderson and Robert M. May. 

            Publisher: Oxford University Press.

2.         Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals, 2007

            ISBN: 9780691116174. Hardcover, £59.00

           Authors:  Keeling & Rohani. 

           Publisher:  Princeton University Press. 

3.        An Introduction to Infectious Disease Modelling, 2010

           ISBN:  978-0-19-856576-5. Paperback, £36.99

           Authors:  Vynnycky & White.

           Publisher:  Oxford University Press