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Department of Pathology


Our Research


The Smith research group is housed within modern, well-equipped laboratories in the main Pathology Building in Tennis Court Road in central Cambridge. The research team is supported by grants from the Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council. 

The lab is composed of postdocs, PhD students and undergraduates. The lab is very international with the majority of members coming from outside the United Kingdom.

The research team studies vaccinia virus, the vaccine used to eradicate smallpox, and the interactions between this virus and the host cell and immune system. Areas of research include investigation of how vaccinia virus suppresses the innate immune response to infection, how individual virus proteins contribute to virus virulence and immunogenicity, how safer and more immunogenic vaccines can be designed, and how vaccinia virus exploits microtubule- and actin-based transport to enable transport of virions within and between cells. In addition, vaccinia virus is being exploited as a tool to study the function of cell proteins and how these restrict the replication or spread of viruses, or how they activate the immune response to infection.


Professor Geoffrey Smith

Principal Investigator



Dr Yongxu Lu

Research Associate

Dr David Carpentier

Research Associate

Qi Zhong

PhD Student

Ana Gali Macedo

PhD Student