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Dysregulated microRNA (miRNA) expression in malignant germ cell tumours. miRNAs from the miR-371∼373 and miR-302/367 clusters (red boxes) are over-expressed in malignant GCTs. Downregulated microRNAs include those from the let-7 family as well as miR-99a, miR-100, and miR-125b (blue boxes). Mechanisms that potentially underly these changes are shown in grey boxes. miRNA dysregulation may be exploited clinically through serum miRNA testing for over-expressed miRNAs (green oval) or therapeutic targeting of overexpressed miRNAs and/or replenishment of under-expressed miRNAs (orange ovals).
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Advice for staff and students at the University and Colleges on novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The University is continually monitoring latest Public Health England and government advice about the virus.

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Safe Space Information

In collaboration with the University Safe Space team, the department has generated a Return to the Workplace document that outlines the current social distancing measures which are in place to protect the safety and welfare of you and others. This document is updated frequently as guidance changes.