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Left, the Lol lipoprotein trafficking system in Gram-negative bacteria. Lipoproteins (LP) are extracted from the inner membrane (IM) by LolCDE, transported across the periplasm by the chaperone LolA and then passed to the receptor LolB which catalyses insertion into the outer membrane (OM). Right, close-up view showing the structural features of LolC, the Hook and Pad, that recruit the LolA chaperone. Below, movie showing the structural model of the full-length LolCDE transporter bound to LolA and their predicted movements based on the mechanotransmission mechanism of the related MacB transporter.
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Advice for staff and students at the University and Colleges on novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The University is continually monitoring latest Public Health England and government advice about the virus.

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Safe Space Information

In collaboration with the University Safe Space team, the department has generated a Return to the Workplace document that outlines the current social distancing measures which are in place to protect the safety and welfare of you and others. This document is updated frequently as guidance changes.