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  1. Postgraduate Students Moodle Page
  2. Postgraduate Seminar Series
  3. Core Skills Training Programme/Transferable Skills Training
  4. Postgraduate Student Leave Form
  5. Postgraduate Fourth Year Funding Request
  6. Supervision Expectations
  7. Feedback


Postgraduate Students Moodle Page 

The Pathology Postgraduate Students Moodle Page is owned by you, the postgraduate students, and can be used for discussions, asking questions and sharing information. Keep an eye on this site for any announcements of postgraduate seminars, courses, etc.

Visit the Moodle page to find more information on your first term abstract, first year viva examination, thesis submission, and much more.


Postgraduate Seminar Series

The Postgraduate Seminar Series are run by you, the postgraduate students, and take place throughout the term on selected Wednesday evenings. They involve talks from your fellow students or other speakers, and include free food and drink. You will be notified of these sessions via the Pathology postgraduate Students Moodle Page. The seminar series organisers are your student representatives. Their role is to represent the postgraduate student body, helping ensure that the Department provides the best possible training environment for postgraduate students. Contact them if you have concerns or suggestions regarding postgraduate education within the Department.

Postgraduate Seminar Series Organisers: Helena Teague ( and Elizaveta Elshina ( 


Core Skills Training Programme/Transferable Skills Training

The Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) has developed a Core Skills Training Programme (CSTP), which you are strongly recommended to complete in your first year. Completing the CSTP will ensure that you are informed of the range of RD opportunities available in Cambridge and provide the foundational skills in personal effectiveness and scientific communication that are essential for progression.

You should already be enrolled onto this Moodle site.  All training will be logged on a new central system for the coming year which will automatically generate a transcript.  However, students may wish to keep a record of any other training/meetings with their supervisor and a Personal Progress Log can be downloaded from the Graduate School of Life Sciences web pages.

The Postgraduate School of Life Sciences web pages also contain information on policies, procedures and guidelines for current students. 

Other RD Opportunities

The Researcher Development Programme is your first stop in finding out more about RD in Cambridge, including information about other providers. The Postgraduate School of Life Sciences also runs specific events for life scientists throughout the year.

Find out more about Transferable Skills for Postgraduate Students.


Postgaduate Student Leave Form

If you are taking any time away from the department, holiday or working away, you need to complete the Postgraduate Student Leave Form. All holidays should be agreed with your supervisor.

If you are working away for more than 14 days, you will also need to apply for Leave to Work Away (this does not include holidays). It is crucial that you do this sufficiently in advance (two or three months), as Working Away requires a number of elements and processes including a risk assessment and sign off from the Head of Department.


Postgraduate Fourth Year Funding Request

Grad 4th Yr Funding

The Postgaduate Fourth Year Funding Request form is available if you need to request an extension to your funding in the fourth year of your studies. Please discuss the application with your supervisor before filling in the form, as they will be asked to approve your request. Applications are due three weeks before Departmental Executive Committee meetings. You will be informed of the outcome within one week of the relevant Executive meeting.

Please note:

  • This form should only be completed once other sources have been considered, e.g. original funders, University Hardship funds etc.
  • Applications will not be considered in retrospect so please make sure you complete the form with plenty of time prior to you requiring the funds.
  • Requests should represent a realistic estimate of the time you will take to finish your studies. Successful requests will generally be for 3 to 6 months' funding - larger requests are unlikely to be successful, but multiple applications are allowed should more time be required.
  • Applications should be made up to 4 months before the current funding will finish. Applications made earlier than this may be declined. 
  • If you are on a 4 year studentship then you do not need to apply.


    Supervision Expectations

    Supervision will vary from student to student in accordance with student need and with the academic requirements of the project. However, all students can expect to interact with a member of their supervision team on a daily-to-weekly basis. Students can expect to receive direct guidance from their academic supervisor on at least a monthly basis, with more frequent guidance if required.



    Your feedback is very important to us and is taken into consideration by the Departmental Graduate Education Committee. If you have any comments, feedback or ideas for improvements then you can contact your student representatives or complete the Contact the Graduate Education Committee form. All of your comments will be discussed and considered at the Graduate Education Committee meeting.


    For more information please contact:

    Teaching Office
    Department of Pathology
    University of Cambridge
    Tennis Court Road
    Cambridge CB2 1QP

    Phone: 01223 333872