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Department of Pathology


Welcome to our Public Engagement pages


Welcome to the Department of Pathology Public Engagement pages.  This is our opportunity to communicate to you the interesting and dynamic research work that happens within our department.  We hope that you will find something of interest in our resources. 

Dr Liz Hook and Professor John Doorbar, Co-Chairs of the Department of Pathology Public Engagement committee.

The Cambridge Festival 2022

We actively participate in the Cambridge Festival which takes place every March and October.  We always have several events running at these festivals as it is fantastic opportunity to talk children and adults alike about how pathology is a part of everyday life.  Some of our recent festival events are still listed on the website: Events | Cambridge Festival

One of the highlights of the festival this year was our Virtual Escape Room Activity. A series activities designed by members of the department that reflect our interests and research.  We are delighted to share our love of our subject with you.

The good news is that you can still take part in this activity by following this link:

Virtual Escape Rooms Activity 

If you are an educator then please feel free to download and reuse any of the pdf resources which are tagged “free educational resource” in the footer of each activity.