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Our group is based in the Molteno building, on the Downing site of the University. Parasitology has been conducted in the Molteno building since the founding of the Molteno Institute in 1921. In 1987, the institute was incorporated into the Department of Pathology.

Work has been carried out on schistosomiasis in our group since the early  1980's, with an emphasis on immunoepidemiology of this important tropical helminth infection. To study this aspect of the disease we have carried  out extensive field research, particularly using field sites in Kenya, but more recently villages on the shores of Lake Albert in Northern Uganda.

This site is intended to convey information not only on the research that we carry out in our  group, but also all aspects of schistosomiasis as a tropical parasitic disease. Other helminth infections are also covered, although in less detail. The information on general parasitology is intended as supplementary background information  for the University of Cambridge MPD parasitology lectures. The information given here is not intended to be used  instead of these lectures as much more information is given here than is needed for the degree course itself. These pages may also be of general interest to other parasitologists outside the University of Cambridge.

In memory of Jenny Connor

Important Note:

We kindly ask you not to contact us with requests for diagnostic information about parasites, since no-one in the group is medically qualified. Also, we do not have the personnel or resources to answer general public enquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

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