Other Cancer Cell Lines: Rearrangements of Chromosome 18

These cell lines were originally reported as breast (MDA-MB-435) and pancreatic (SW979) but are likely to be respectively a melanoma and cervical cancer lines (Ellison et al, 2002; Moore et al, 2001).

Ideograms summarising FISH results, for each cell line, of a selection of BACs
mapping to chromosome 18.

  • All copies of chromosome 18 are shown, including apparently normal ones
  • Not all BACS were used for every cell line, so only those used, and which gave a signal, are shown.
  • The identity of the translocation partner is indicated for each derivative
  • '?' indicates that the translocation partner is unknown.
  • The G-band pattern for chromosome 18 is based on UCSC Genome Browser positions.
  • The position of the BACs is to scale.
  • Filled red triangles indicate approximate positions of breakpoints.
  • Unfilled triangles indicate breakpoints that were not counted in our breakpoint survey (see Alsop et al, 2005) as they either appeared balanced, or the (derivative) chromosome had been duplicated.
  • Black triangles show a break in 729G3 in SW979 (due to insertion) that was also excluded from the total breakpoint count in our breakpoint survey (see Alsop et al, 2005).

Ellison G, Klinowska T, Westwood RF, Docter E, French T, Fox JC (2002) Further evidence to support the melanocytic origin of MDA-MB-435. J Clin Pathol: Mol Pathol 55 (5): 294-9; and refs therein.

Moore PS, Sipos B, Orlandini S, Sorio C, Real FX, Lemoine NR, Gress T, Bassi C, Klöppel G, Kalthoff H, Ungefroren H, Löhr M, Scarpa A (2001) Genetic profile of 22 pancreatic carcinoma cell lines. Analysis of K-ras, p53, p16 and DPC4/Smad4. Virchows Archives 439(6):798-802

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