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Pancreatic Carcinoma Cell Lines

The following pancreatic cancer cell lines have been analysed by SKY. The linked pages show representative SKY karyotypes and some additional comment.

Pancreatic cancer cell Lines
A818.1 [1] Hs766T [1] Rossi [1]
AsPc-1 [1] MIA PaCa-2 [1] RWP-1 [1]
BxPC-3 [1] MDA Panc-3 [1] SUIT-2 [1]
Capan-1 [2, 3] PaCa-3 [1] SW-979 [1, 4]
Capan-2 [1] Panc-1 [1] T3M-4 [1]
CF PAC-1 [1] PaTuI [1]
Colo 357 [1] PaTuII [1]


[1] QGP-1 [1]

References to the SKY data and comments

[1] Sirivatanauksorn V, Sirivatanauksorn Y, Gorman PA, Davidson JM, Sheer D, Moore PS, Scarpa A, Edwards PA, Lemoine NR. Non-random chromosomal rearrangements in pancreatic cancer cell lines identified by spectral karyotyping. Int J Cancer. 2001; 91(3):350-8. PMID: 11169959

[2] Grigorova M, Staines JM, Ozdag H, Caldas C, Edwards PA. Possible causes of chromosome instability: comparison of chromosomal abnormalities in cancer cell lines with mutations in BRCA1, BRCA2, CHK2 and BUB1. Cytogenet Genome Res. 2004;104(1-4):333-40. PMID: 15162061

[3] BRCA2 mutant

[4] Has HPV so probably not genuine pancreatic tumour see Moore PS, Sipos B, Orlandini S, Sorio C, Real FX, Lemoine NR, Gress T, Bassi C, Klöppel G, Kalthoff H, Ungefroren H, Löhr M, Scarpa A (2001) Genetic profile of 22 pancreatic carcinoma cell lines. Analysis of K-ras, p53, p16 and DPC4/Smad4. Virchows Archives 439(6):798-802



revised 28 June 2004