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These webpages on immunoglobulin structure and function have been prepared by Mike Clark, PhD, Cambridge University, Cambridge UK. The pages here stem from my own academic teaching and research interests in immunoglobulin structure and function. My intention is to continue to develop them as a resource not only for my own use but also as a reference source for students and researchers with a similar interest in immunoglobulins. However you should be aware that I exercise my rights to copyright over the material that I have produced.

If you have suggestions for additions, changes or corrections to any of my material then please email me. I am also eager to hear from anyone who has web material of relevance which they would like me to cross-reference from here.

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The following links refer to my own online resources provided by me from servers in Cambridge University , Cambridge UK. Their content is copyright © Mike Clark, Cambridge University.

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These web pages are meant as an academic resource and as such I would like them to remain accessible and useful to the widest number of individuals. I have therefor deliberately avoided the current trend to introduce a whole host of unique and non-standard features which require specific web browsers to be used to access the pages. So until features such as frames are written into the HTML standards I am deliberately avoiding their use on this website. Hopefully users will agree that what is important is the information provided within the site rather than a specific mode of presentation.

However if you seem to be viewing this site in a frame surrounded by advertisements and other navigation aids you might like to visit this link to a further policy statement of mine.

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