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Computer Modelling

Many of the images here have been rendered using a Molecular Modelling software package called Quanta from Molecular Simulations running under the IRIX operating system on a Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo R4000 computer with 32Mbytes of RAM and XS24 bit graphics. Using this system it is possible to display molecular models of structures based on X-ray crystallographic coordinates deposited in the Brookhaven database. These models can be rotated and magnified on screen to different angles and sizes. Parts of the structure can be selected and emphasised by use of colours or by displaying them in different styles or as cartoons. The raytraced space filling models provide a very good way of visualising the overall shape of the protein but features of secondary structure are better emphasised in the cartoons.

The SG system and Quanta software is maintained and run by Mike Clark. If members of staff are interested in the potential use of this system to look at structures related to their own work please contact me. Email to mrc7@cam.ac.uk

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