Department of Pathology

Undergraduate Teaching

Second Year (Part IB)

Second year courses are offered to students progressing either to the Part IB of the Natural Sciences Tripos (NST) examination or to the Part IB of the MVST examination. The aim of the courses is to provide an introduction to the processes of disease, including infection; inflammation and immunity; abnormalities of growth, including cancer; disorders of blood vessels and blood coagulation.

The courses for the NST and MVST are taken together in the Michaelmas (first) term and the first half of the Lent (second) term as a core course entitled Biology of Disease. For the second half of the Lent term and for the Easter (third) term, NST students pursue a further course of lectures on tumour biology and on infectious disease and host-pathogen interactions, whilst MVST students take two options from a wide variety of options offered by various Departments, including Pathology. The courses consist of lectures and associated practical classes. The latter aim both to reinforce and to illustrate concepts presented in the lectures and also to give students opportunities for developing transferable skills.