Department of Pathology


Molecular, Structural & Cellular Microbiology

Bacterial diseases remain a great threat, especially as antibiotic resistance increases, and studying the mechanisms of virulence and antibiotic resistance is essential to understand and counteract pathogenic bacteria. Such studies present great opportunities to understand complex pathways and machineries, and we exploit these using combinations of microbial genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology and structural biology approaches.

  • Membrane machineries for toxin export and multidrug efflux
    Professors Vassilis Koronakis & Colin Hughes

  • Protein export pathway underlying flagella assembly
    Professor Colin Hughes & Dr Gillian Fraser

  • Actin cytoskeletal dynamics and intracellular traffic; bacterial subversion
    Professor Vassilis Koronakis

  • Bacterial cell polarity; Bacterial nucleoid structure and gene regulation
    Dr Gillian Fraser