Department of Pathology

Dr Stephen Graham

Research description

The compartmentalisation characteristic of eukaryotic cells presents a logistical dilemma: How do cells ensure components are efficiently delivered to only the correct intracellular compartment? My lab seeks to understand how multiprotein complexes regulate fusion of compartments in the eukaryotic endocytic pathway.

Viruses that seek to exploit the rich environment inside host cells face a similar dilemma: How can they subvert host membrane trafficking to ensure progeny virions efficiently exit infected cells? I am investigating how viruses that acquire double membrane envelopes within cells are trafficked to and fuse with the plasma membrane.

Lastly, in order to establish a fruitful infection viruses must evade the immune surveillance systems of the host. I am interested in how large double-stranded DNA viruses have hijacked proteins of the mammalian innate immune system and ‘reprogrammed’ these proteins to suit the needs of the virus.

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