Department of Pathology

Professor David Dunne and Dr Shona Wilson


Professor David Dunne:
Dr Shona Wilson:

Project: Epidemiology and Immunology of Schistosomiasis and other Human Parasitic Diseases.

  • Senior Research Associates:
    Colin Fitzsimmons
  • Research Associates:
    Angela Pinot de Moira and Ed Farnell
  • Research Assitant:
    Jakub Wawrzyniak
  • Chief Research Laboratory Technicians:
    Frances Jones, Maureen Laidlaw
  • Graduate Students:
    Sam Hall (joint with Prof Anne Cooke), Goylette Chami (joint with Andreas Kontoleon, Dept Land Economy), Florian Sessier (joint with Matt Berriman, Wellcome Trust Sanger Genome Institute).
  • Visiting scientists:
    Robert Tweyongyere (Uganda), Harriet Mpairwe (Uganda), Humphrey Mazigo (Tanzania)
  • Wellcome Trust-Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research coordinator:
    Pauline Essah
  • Cambridge-Africa Partnership for Research Excellence (CAPREx) Carnegie Coordinator:
    Jenny Mackay