Department of Pathology

Professor Nabeel Affara


Position: Professor and Head of the Division of Cellular Molecular Pathology


Projects: The Mammalian Molecular Genetics Group, Molecular Genetics of the Sex Chromosomes and Spermatogenesis, Genomic Analysis of Porcine Models of Disease, the Developmental Origin of Disease

  • Senior Research Scientists:
    Carole Sargent, Anthony Brown, Robert Furlong, Claire Quilter & Peter Ellis.
  • Visiting Research Scientists:
    Alexandra Lopes & Professor Shujun Zhang.
  • Research Assistants and Research Technicians:
    Julien Bauer, Kerry Harvey, Chris Reitter & Meena Bagga.
  • Ph.D. Students:
    Lydia Ferguson, Tiffany Morris, Claire Wyllie, Oriane Chausiaux and Alexandra Karcanias.